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Our app design and logo, which uniquely represent remain well anchored in the minds of all target groups

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 BibleMastery is very user–friendly, very easy for a novice to learn how to use. It is also easy to use for anybody.

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With 24/7 support, you can reach out to us on any issue regarding the app or usability.

Devine and Anointed

It’s all about scripture alignment and anointing

About Bible Mastery

How much do you really know about the Bible? Consider BibleMastery app and learn more about the people, places and events in the Bible.

BibleMastery is a repository, OneStop for BibleQuiz. We have well over ten thousand online BibleQuizzes in our quiz app. Our expectation is that participants become acquainted and gain mastery over Bible contents as they engage BibleMastery and its contents.
Engaging the contents of BibleMastery is a spiritual exercise. Our goal is to create a drive in the hearts of believers that will take them back to the Bible. We believe that doing so will improve Biblical knowledge, its interpretation and application in this generation and beyond.  Our quizzes are non-exhaustive as the contents are regularly updated!

Throughout BibleMastery, King James Version (KJV/NKJV) of the Holy Bible is used to ensure consistency. Thus, questions and answers are in King James Version of the Holy Bible.

Therefore, we ask you to take the challenge, spread the news and get involved. Your participation will encourage us to make more content available online and ultimately reach others. We hope our Bible Quiz app deepen your spirituality and Bible knowledge. If you like them, please share this app with others

Amazing Features

  • Questions

    You are allowed to attempt specific number of questions at a time. Questions are randomly drawn from our question bank. Thus, you will not be attempting same set of questions each time you retake the quiz.

  • Scores

    Scores are programmed to deduct points when you missed the answer. This is done to simulate live quiz. BibleMastery prepares you for what you will likely see and meet in a live quiz.

  • Reviews

    You will be allowed to review questions when you have completed the round. Review session gives opportunity to go over the questions without being timed!

  • Feedback

    Feedback is provided once the question is submitted. Feedback also provides references to the questions.

  • Timing

    It’s important to know that live quizzes are timed. Thus, BibleMastery prepares you for live quiz either in your church event or television quiz…

  • Get Connected

    You can also compete with other users online and if no one is online you can compete with Jericho. Jericho is our virtual Smart player and he is always available to compete with anyone.

How to…

With over 10,000 free bible Quizzes for all ages, Bible Mastery gives a new way for groups and churches to participate in Bible quiz competition. All quizzes are multiple-choice and rated by levels of difficulty. You can get quizzes by the books as well as in categories.

You can also compete with other users online and if no one is available, you can compete with Jericho. Jericho is our virtual Smart player who is always available to compete with anyone!.

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Our Quizzes are divided into two categories, We have Quizzes on the Books of the Bible and Quizzes on Special Categories Books of the Bible 1. Genesis 2.

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